Tata Docomo Customer care Toll Free Numbers In India

Here we provide exclusive list of TATA DOCOMO customer care free mobile number for all over state in india. 

Tata Docomo Andhra Pradesh Customer Care phone number 9030012345
Tata Docomo Bihar Customer Care phone number 9031012345
Tata Docomo Chhattisgarh Customer Care phone number 9039012345
Tata Docomo Gujarat Customer Care phone number 9033012345
Tata Docomo Goa Customer Care phone number 9029000121
Tata Docomo Haryana Customer Care phone number 9034012345
Tata Docomo Jharkhand Customer Care phone number 9031012345
Tata Docomo Karnataka Customer Care phone number 9036012345
Tata Docomo Kerala Customer Care phone number 9037012345
Tata Docomo Kolkata Customer Care phone number 9038012345
Tata Docomo Orrisa Customer Care phone number 9040012345
Tata Docomo Mahrashtra Customer Care phone number 9029000121
Tata Docomo Madhya Pradesh Customer Care phone number 9039012345
Tata Docomo Mumbai Customer Care phone number 9029000121
Tata Docomo Punjab Customer Care phone number 9041012345
Tata Docomo Rajasthan Customer Care phone number 7737012345
Tata Docomo Punjab Customer Care phone number 9041012345
Tata Docomo Tamil Nadu Customer Care phone number 9043012345
Tata Docomo UP (East) Customer Care phone number 9044012345
Tata Docomo UP(West) Customer Care phone number 9045012345
Tata Docomo West Bengal Customer Care phone number 9046012345


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  2. hi
    I am having tata docomo sim card past 9 months, recently i am having balance reduce problem and i phoned to TATA DOCOMO Customer care numbers for 6 to 7 times but their is no response they are simply saying "the service is deactivated within 24 hours" but the problem is not solved till now pls stop the service my no is 77371121589... Pls deacctivate the service

  3. improve your customer service , balance is deducted without any reasons and whenever we try to call customer service same reply all our customers are busy attending other calls have tried to call almost 40-50 times this is the way u take care of your customers ?
    simply frustrated with ur service atleast improve it or u would loose ur customers !!

  4. tata docomo service is the worst service of INDIA ..i have tried many times to call customer care but only first they pick up and they are making fool that they are not listening well due to network problem and told me that try again and call again ..........but from second time i tried many times computer only speaks that they are busy and no one is picking my no........and the reason for my complaint is yesterday we credited 197 RS in my no.90412-86258 at 6:35pm ,22/04/2014 and message also come ,that 197 rs are credited......but today i am trying to call my friend and computer speaks that there is no balance in my account,,,,,,,,and i have also conformed from no.198 that there is no balance ,,,,,,,,,,i was very disappointed......and i have also tried the toll free no. of punjab-90410-42345 but there they are not even picking my phone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shame on you,,,,,,,,and refund my money,,,,,,,and if tata docomo.. have any doubt than call me-90412-86258.

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